Monday, March 6, 2017

Ice Age Language: Translations, Grammar, Vocabulary

Ice Age Language spread across Europe during the iron cold climate of prehistory. Translations of Paleolithic inscriptions tell stories of families caring for children, weaving textiles, hunting mammoth, building homes, and making tools. They explain how our ancestors heated their homes and made medicine. Never before published, Ice Age Language shows these inscriptions to be language and how this language can be read. The stories they tell are essential to our human record. This publication is about Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann and the work he has done translating this prehistoric language.

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann 
physicist, scientist,  astronomer, geologist, archaeologist, historian, linguist, medical doctor

British Embassy School, Peking, China; Univ. London; WW II USN, AC; RN, AB Harvard; ScB Hon., London; Standard, MSc, Witwatersrand; Nat Sci Scholar; MIT course work; Royal Inst. Uppsala Swed.; PhD/MD Cuidad Juarez, Mex.; Pacific Radar: Greenland Gap-filler, Canada DEW-line; SAGE; Pacific PRESS; California ATLAS, BMEWS;  ICBM; Kwajalein Atoll ICBM intercept; TRADEX; Mars Voyager; Cryptography.

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