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Ice Age Language Promo

Ice Age Language Promo
By Michelle Snyder

Ice Age Language: Translations, Grammar, and Vocabulary
by Robert Duncan-Enzmann, J Robert Snyder Editor
Published by White Knight Studio, Boston

            “There exists an extraordinary Proto-Indo-European archive of tablets at Gönnersdorf on the Rhine. This is one of the most extensive ever recovered, with a library of more than 1,000 chronicles on bone, stone, and ivory. Ice Age Language presents these inscriptions as language that can be, and herein is, translated.” – R. Duncan-Enzmann

Translating is a gift, something one person does; a person with unique education, experiences, and heritage. For decades Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann collected images and inscriptions dating back to 12,500 BC – some older – from all over the world, and translated them. It was he who was at once convinced that Ice Age inscriptions are language.

Upon first seeing cave paintings from Lascaux and other images introduced to him as “prehistoric works of art,” he is quoted as saying: “No one who draws that well could create such a mess. That is writing, and I can read it!” And he did.

Duncan-Enzmann is uniquely qualified to read this picture-language. He was born in Peking, China to an American medical missionary and an Austrian General. He was educated in British RAJ schools in several different countries, speaks and reads a number of ancient and modern languages including Chinese, and he has several academic degrees. His background as a cryptologist, geologist, climatologist, physicist, and historian all play a strong role in the extraordinary function of translating this ancient language.

The Lady at Her Upright Loom (on the cover)
the lady (pink) stands at her loom (green) with a baton
an oil lamp (pink) is on the floor, three lumps of fuel (pink) above
12,500 BC, Gönnersdorf, Germany

Thirty years ago we met Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann and were immediately enthralled. Often we would house-sit for him and his wife Joanna (an ABM systems engineer), and were given permission to peruse his personal archives. What we found was nothing less than astonishing; it is our goal to publish them. After much cajoling and persuading, lest this magnificent information lay untouched and crumble into dust in the attic, the first volume, Ice Age Language: Translations, Grammar, and Vocabulary, was completed.

J. Robert Snyder compiled and edited a selection of inscriptions and organized them into a reader-friendly volume. Chapters are about: Mother & Child, Hearth & Home, Textiles & Tools, Hunting & Fishing, Health & Medical, Calendars & Contracts, Chronology & Linguistics. There are also notes from the author (Duncan-Enzmann) and the editor (J. Robert). Color illustrations make this book visually stunning.

            “The stories from these translations of Ice Age women keeping children fed, clothed, clean, dry, and warm, and how to do it are munificent. They are 14,500 years old, and written by mothers in stone.” – J. Robert Snyder

For anyone whose interests are in pre or proto history, archaeology, or symbolism, this book is an essential resource. It is a fascinating journey into the culture of the Magdalenian Vanir of 12,500 BC. It is a record of their lives – their traditions, struggles, knowledge, and values. This is drama at its best as we read how they survived winters which exceeded fifty below zero temperatures, organized massive mammoth hunts, and in their heated homes with only the light of tiny oil lamps, made quilted fabric on their upright looms. These translations bring clarity to our understanding and knowledge of prehistoric Earth, and of the people who lived on it.

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann 
physicist, scientist,  astronomer, geologist, archaeologist, historian, linguist, medical doctor

British Embassy School, Peking, China; Univ. London; WW II USN, AC; RN, AB Harvard; ScB Hon., London; Standard, MSc, Witwatersrand; Nat Sci Scholar; MIT course work; Royal Inst. Uppsala Swed.; PhD/MD Cuidad Juarez, Mex.; Pacific Radar: Greenland Gap-filler, Canada DEW-line; SAGE; Pacific PRESS; California ATLAS, BMEWS;  ICBM; Kwajalein Atoll ICBM intercept; TRADEX; Mars Voyager; Cryptography.

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